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Article: Wanderlust world of Charlotte

Wanderlust world of Charlotte

Wanderlust world of Charlotte

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it's to not take any adventures large or small for granted. We chat to resident photographer Charlotte de Pedro about how this year has affected business, creativity and life.

For Melbourne photographer - and self-confessed travel-bug - Charlotte de Pedro, this year has been one which has delivered plenty of surprises, and not necessarily welcome ones.

“Covid has definitely impacted our business,” Charlotte says.

“Working primarily as a wedding photographer, I’ve been out of work almost nine months now.

“It’s taken a huge toll on my motivation to get back into work and keep up all my wedding socials, it’s hard when you don’t have new content to post.

“However, because I’ve had so much time to myself, I’ve found a new love for exercise and have learnt to appreciate my friends and family so much more.

“I’ve also picked up a few photography product jobs to keep me busy at home, something I never thought I would do but am actually really enjoying it.” 

Born and bred in Madrid, Charlotte was able to enjoy the beauty of both Spain and Australia throughout her whole life.

It is this movement between continents which has engrained a strong passion for travel and saw her journey to many corners of the world.

Charlotte was born and raised in Madrid. @charlottedepedro

“I have a serious case of the travel bug and will jump on a plane to anywhere at any time if it means exploring new places and meeting new people,” she says.

“I completed secondary school and my Bachelor's Degree in Melbourne before moving to New York to further my studies there.” 

Charlotte was first drawn to photography in high school, where her teacher used to make the classes fun and all the assignments were enjoyable and challenging.

“We were able to experiment with all types of photography styles to see what we preferred best,” she says.

“After school, I studied Film and Television but always had my camera in my had when I travelled.

“I loved photographing new friends, places, food and everything in between.”

Charlotte says she takes an organic approach to her work, focusing on finer moments and details.

“My photography style is definitely journalistic; I love capturing people, moments and events,” she says.

“I don’t like staging my work too much, and really find that the candid moments are the most special.

“I guess this is why I love shooting weddings so much, and capturing all those in between moments between couples, families and friends.”

As much as COVID-19 has affected business, it is the other aspects which Charlotte struggled with most. 

“The most challenging aspect of COVID-19 has been not being able to see my family and friends as often as I would like to,” she says.

“This year was flipped around for me entirely as I was supposed to be away for over six months and having to cancel all my trips and then not be able to hang out with my loved ones at home has made this year extra draining for me.” 

In the post-COVD world, Charlotte is looking forward to re-booking her one way ticket out of Melbourne and enter a wanderlust adventure like no other.

“I love experiencing new cultures, lifestyles and meeting people,” she says.

“I also love trying new foods and really love seeing how different, or similar, people’s lives are overseas. 

“I would love to be able to live and take my business to work overseas… somewhere like LA, London or Madrid would be my top picks.” 

Charlotte shares with us her favourite places to visit and photograph, inspiration for when the borders to the world open once more.

Santorini, Greece  
"The blue and white buildings are my favourite. Everything about this place is so beautiful!"

Venice, Italy
"The floating city, so different to anywhere else I’ve ever been!"

Positano, Italy 
"The most beautiful coastline in the world, love the restaurants on the water too! So many hidden spots."

Amsterdam, Netherlands
"These buildings are so cute, it feels like I’m in a movie every time I walk around here."

New York, USA 
"I lived here and felt like home. Love the accents, love the towns and love how busy and chaotic it is." 

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Follow Charlotte's adventures on Instagram @charlottedepedro




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