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Article: Liana's little haven

Liana's little haven

Liana's little haven

We are shining a light on some clever creatives who have taken the COVID-19 situation to focus on the positive! 

Sweet, bright and thoughtful are all words which first come to mind when describing the nature of Liana Purser, so it is unsurprising they are also fitting words to describe her art. 

Little Havens By Liana is a small business born of a rather significant consequence.

Click to shop - Artwork: Little Havens by Liana. Clothing: Own Kind Skirt and Top 

In the early stages of her pregnancy with daughter Rose, Liana and husband Todd received a completely unexpected and devastating diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer.

Twelve weeks into the pregnancy, the Geelong nurse underwent surgery to remove the cancer and started daunting chemotherapy treatment in her second trimester.

With so many things constantly running through her mind, at such a stressful and uncertain time, one thing that gave Liana relief was dreaming of the place they would one day bring their baby girl home to.

Artwork: Little Havens by Liana. Clothing: Own Kind dress.

“Designing and styling our nursery brought me so much joy and also a lot of peace,” Liana explains.

 “Rose’s room soon became my own little haven where I could have fun being creative and also ponder on what life was going to be like when our little baby arrived.”

This time also unveiled a hidden talent which had laid dormant in Liana’s psyche, something she hadn’t taken time to do since her high school days.
“I forgot how much I loved painting,” Liana explains.

“I started to play around with some designs and paint a few figures.
“My husband saw some and was like, ‘woah, I didn’t know you could do that,’” she laughs.

“From there, I haven’t stopped creating, it is something I really enjoy - it came to me at a time I needed it.”

Artwork: Little Havens by Liana. Clothing: Own Kind Pants and Top.

Affectionately named Little Havens by Liana, the small online business sells handmade fabric wall decals/stickers, which are hand-illustrated by Liana and printed onto the highest quality of non-toxic fabric material.

Artwork: Little Havens by Liana. Clothing: Own Kind Jeans and Top.

From fun florals to delicious donuts and pretzels, to detailed animals including whales, koala’s and bears – there are designs to suit all personality types and ages.

Primarily designed to brighten up nursery spaces, Liana’s range has since grown to include products which can inject a bit of fun into any space.

Artwork: Little Havens by Liana. Clothing: Own Kind Skirt and Top.

“I love bringing my passion of art and design to life with these stunning handmade fabric wall decals and stickers,” Liana says.

“They’re removable, reusable, easy to apply, and will not leave any adhesive residue when applied to a clean smooth surface.”

Artwork: Little Havens by Liana. Clothing: Own Kind Skirt and Top

The best part is, their easy to use nature make them both a cost and time-effective way and redecorating at any moment.

While it is early days for Liana’s little business, she has grand hopes for the future and constantly connecting with new designs and ideas.

Visit her shop or follow on Instagram @littlehavensbyliana

Photography by: @luciacreative

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