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Article: Beginnings - Our first exclusive range release

Australian Designed Sustainable Fashion

Beginnings - Our first exclusive range release

Every great story starts with a great beginning, and this is ours.

Introducing, our very first delivery of our Own Kind signature range.

Our first instalment, Beginnings, takes inspiration from spring and the beauty of nature.

Beginnings is a modern interpretation of classic shapes and vintage influences.  Soft ginghams sit against a colour palette of tonal blues and sages, mixed with poppy red floral inspired hues. The collection is created from premium natural fibres*, ensuring the quality and craftsmanship in every Own Kind piece.

The range features versatile and understated pieces, carefully curated for a relaxed and effortless lifestyle. The label is committed to producing timeless designs made consciously to be treasured in your wardrobe for seasons to come.

Australian designed to wear them your own way, to be your Own Kind.




*we denote our reference to premium natural fibres as a reference to the majority of our products. We aim to be 100% free from the use of synthetic fibres by mid of 2022.  

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